Recipes eBook

The concept is that we are producing a recipe from each country where Rotary has a prescence. These are favourites of many of our Rotarian friends around the world. We are trying to share a variety of recipes to show an international cuisine that you can try at home.

Because we are a Rotary eClub it is logical for us to create an eBook to raise donations in aid of our Charity – The Rotary Foundation.

This Foundation enables Rotarians and Rotary Clubs around the world achieve the objectives of helping communities be better places to live and work.

An example recipe is …
Auntie Sue’s Syllabub
Serves 4 or fewer depending on greed 1/2pt thick cream (10 fl oz) 3 oz castor sugar 1/8 pint medium sherry (2.5 fl oz) A full tablespoon gin (I use Gordon’s) Juice of a medium lemon Mix all together and beat until thick. Chill. Serve. Goes well with ginger biscuits. note:I have often been asked for this recipe and people have found it easy to make. One lady said it went sour, I think she used either a very large lemon or a dry sherry.